Accelerating Business Agility by Creating and Leveraging a Robust Agile Coaching Organization – April 19th 2018


As organizations commence their journey towards better business agility one of the key factors that determines the success of such an initiative is whether there is strong and meaningful ongoing coaching of teams and leadership.

To accomplish that, it is critical that organizations realize early-on that continuous improvement and success can be enabled, encouraged, and assisted by a robust agile coaching team, one that can help them transcend the mundane and help achieve extraordinary results.

At IHS Markit we have created a highly effective and deeply impactful agile coaching team that works across silos to enable the organization to take firm and confident steps towards better business agility. We have seen clear and measurable results with this approach that are undeniable.

Join Sesh as he walks you through:

  1. IHS Markit’s agile transformation journey so far
  2. How we realized the need for an agile coaching team
  3. How we created the team and are nurturing and growing it
  4. How we established a well-defined career path for the team members
  5. Good practices and anti-patterns to know when creating such a team
  6. How to measure the RoI of the team
  7. Success stories of our engagements across the enterprise
  8. Some surprising challenges that we encountered along the way
  9. What’s next for the coaching team
  10. A call to action

Sesh Veeraraghavan  Director, Agile Practice at IHS Markit, is a transformative agile engineering leader with a strong technical background. Over the past 18 years he has successfully created, coached, and led high-performing global teams. His teams have delivered on-time and high-quality enterprise software products (SaaS and desktop) to Fortune 100-1000 customers using agile methodologies.

As a strategic thinker and a Lean/Agile practitioner he has focused on improving business, technical, and process agility at all levels. Sesh has shared his ideas and insights on areas such as agility, culture, transparency, and communities of practice at highly respected Agile conferences.

Deeply passionate about organic organizational growth, outcome-driven collaboration, and agile transformation, he has actively trained, coached, and partnered with global R&D and business leaders towards creating a nimble, innovation-driven, and sustainable business environment.

As a strong tech enthusiast (and an avid reader), he enjoys learning about the latest technology trends, and still codes as time permits.

He and his wife love to spend their spare time playing with their three rescued dogs.

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