Dhaval Panchal: Agile Cultures, transformation, Challenges and Adoption – April 20th 2017


Abstract: Change is hard, organizations in their attempt to transform ignore impact of organizational culture. One of the first challenges lies in making organizational culture explicit. Organizational leaders need courage to accept current state of their organizational culture. Appreciate aspects of culture that are in alignment with their strategy and prepare to make cultural shift where needed. For this to happen, first we need to make our culture explicit and then design together in shared direction to evolve. Collaborate to create the right cultural context in order to support the current strategy. Inclusive approaches will allow for changes to take root, stick longer and sustain momentum through tough organization change challenges.

Agile needs growing not scaling. It is important to focus on growing your own agility instead of taking shortcuts and adopting some one else’s. Organizations are complex and in a complex domain you cannot simply install a new mind-set or way of working. For Agile transformations to stick, a principle driven approach is needed and it is not possible to copy-paste someone else’s framework or model into your organization.

Leaders that ignore prevalent organizational culture and try to install popular frameworks run into pitfalls and are unable to create environment of continuous improvement, which is at the heart of being agile. Patience with organizational change cycle is a must and lacking any guiding principles organizations revert to form and get trapped in Wagile.

In this talk we will look at key principles of growing agile. Look at ways to leverage organization’s culture to steer change towards strategic organizational goals.

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Dhaval Panchal

Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST)

agile42 – The Agile Coaching Company


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