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Jaynee Beach A Tale of Three Attempts: Agile Transformation, What Goes Wrong, and What Goes Right
Jaynee Beach has been a passionate User Experience designer and advocate for over 30 years. She enjoys using an Agile mindset to help teams create valuable user experiences and bring them to market. She is the co-author of “Experience Design: Simplifying the Complex” (In Review; scheduled for publication in early 2018). Jaynee holds BS degrees in Math and Computer Science, and MS and PhD in Cognitive Psychology. She led the transformation of the Cobra and Huey helicopter cockpits from analog gauges to multi-function displays; and the team that created the user interface for the Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. She holds a co-patent for a graphical user interface for well treatment plans in oil and gas, and shares a patent with the research team that explored multi-modal alerting in combat aircraft cockpits. Jaynee is the CEO of Agile ITDX, a company specializing in Digital Transformations that use data science to create intelligent design.
Todd Little Leading Business Agility – Stand Back and Deliver
Todd Little is CEO at Lean Kanban Inc., the leading provider of professional Kanban management training. He is also a Founder at Accelinnova, a leadership and agility consulting group. Previously he has held executive roles as Vice President of Product Development for IHS, and Director of Software and Technology for Landmark Graphics a division of Halliburton.He has been developing or leading the development of software for over 35 years.
Deanna Laster An Agile Journey from PM to Scrum Master and Beyond
Deanna Laster is a native Houstonian with an extensive background in project management, IT consulting and education for over 15 years. Ms. Laster has lead key ECM, ERP and Mobile Technology initiatives using either Waterfall methodologies or Agile software development principles in multiple industries to include: Oil & Gas, Food Services and Airline. She is currently an Agile Coach helping Product Owners, Scrum Masters and new Agile teams shift the way they work through an enterprise Agile transformation initiative.
Claudio Lassala Testing in Agile: from Afterthought to Integral Part
Claudio is a Principal Consultant at Improving Houston. He has been developing software for 25+ years (FoxPro, .NET, Ruby on Rails). When not building software, consulting with clients, doing presentations, delivering training, or hanging out with his family, he can probably be found working on his music or riding his motorcycle. Check out his blog at www.lassala.net
Drew Shefman Agile in 160 Billion Gallons
Drew Shefman has been professionally developing interactive experiences since 1996. He is a software craftsman, professor, mentor, and scrum master. He has served as technical lead or architect on projects that have included virtual simulation training for the cell phone industry, performance testing engines for the airline industry, off-shore rig training and visualization for the oil industry, engineering technical learning for the military, enterprise mission-critical high-volume order managing for the grocery industry, as well as dozens of other marketing, communication, and training interactive experiences. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Houston since 2008 and a national presenter. Relative to this topic, his house flooded on Memorial Day 2015 with 28″ and again on Tax Day 2016 with 13″.
Dhaval Panchal Worm holes to product Innovation: Fold your edges
Dhaval Panchal has 17+ years of Agile experience. As a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) – he is one of the very few in the world to hold both accreditations. He continues to be in the trenches coaching organizations through Agile transformation. Based in Houston and versed with our unique challenges – Dhaval Panchal is a local Agile community member, actively involved in growth of Agile community in Houston metro area. Dhaval has presented at global Scrum and Agile conferences since 2008.
Wade Pinder How to Think Like a Product Owner
Wade Pinder is a Sr. Product Manager at Global Custom Commerce in Houston TX and serves as a Scrum Product Owner for the organization. He is an active member of the Agile Leadership Network Houston group and mentors regularly at Station Houston. Wade’s been an enthusiastic Agile practitioner since 2008 and moved from the development team to full-time product ownership in 2010.
Atul Khanapure Is utilization killing your team’s productivity?
Atul Khanapure is an Agile Coach and Trainer. He has been practicing Agile for over 15 years and is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). He has wide-ranging IT experience in software systems implementations and technical project management. Atul enjoys most of all, guiding teams as they go about changing how they work and interact with each other.
Brian Oxley The pipeline is a lie
I’m a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, an agile consultancy. I work with a variety of clients and industries on a mix of delivery and transformation projects. Chiefly I’m a developer (25 years), and also play the roles of PO, IM, BA, QA, and general Agile Coach, as client needs require.
Sesh Veeraraghavan Agile Communities of Practice: Set Up, Sustain, and Succeed
Sesh is a transformative agile engineering leader with a strong technical background. Over the past 18 years he has successfully created, coached, and led high-performing global teams.
His teams have delivered on-time and high-quality enterprise software products (SaaS and desktop) to Fortune 100-1000 customers using agile methodologies.

As a strategic thinker and a Lean/Agile practitioner he has focused on improving business, technical, and process agility at all levels. Sesh has shared his ideas and insights on areas such as agility, culture, transparency, and communities of practice at highly respected Agile conferences.

Deeply passionate about organic organizational growth, outcome-driven collaboration, and agile transformation, he has actively trained, coached, and partnered with global R&D and business leaders towards creating a nimble, innovation-driven, and sustainable business environment.

As a strong tech enthusiast (and an avid reader), he enjoys learning about the latest technology trends, and still codes as time permits.
He and his wife love to spend their spare time playing with their three rescued dogs.

Steven Mason The Business Case for Containerization
Steve Mason currently servers as Synzerip’s Director of Engineering. He is a seasoned technology leader and worked as a consultant and technology advisor to investors over the last several years.

Previously, Steve ran his own technology consulting firm, Matterhorn Technology Group, where he provided investment advice to PE investors. Prior to Matterhorn, he consulted with AKF Partners, where he engaged with over 70 software companies, ranging from small startups to Enterprise-1000 behemoths. For clients, he routinely conducted workshops in the areas of system architecture and software development practices, teaching clients how to build highly scalable & availability systems and adopt best practices (Agile, CI/CD, DevOps).

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