John Cavnar-Johnson: Great User Stories: Be a better storyteller – July 20th 2017

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In a world filled with bland and boring user stories, make your epics epic, your stories memorable, and your team’s success startling by becoming a better storyteller. You don’t have to be J.K. Rowling to write great user stories, but understanding how great stories are made is key to becoming a better user story teller. Come find out how stories can be the most powerful tool in your Agile arsenal.

John Cavnar-Johnson has been practicing Agile software development since accidentally engaging in pair programming in 1995. He’s worked on many Agile projects, many more that claimed to be Agile, but weren’t, and even helped a few companies get started with Agile development. He’s currently working as a Principal Consultant with Improving in Houston, Texas. In his spare time, he reads a wide variety of fiction and loves to hear and tell good stories.


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