Chris Waggoner: The ScrumMaster Dojo – Building a ScrumMaster and Coaching Community of Practice – January 26th 2017

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Abstract: Bring continuity and stability to your organization’s agile mind-set by enrolling ScrumMasters and Coaches in a dojo community of practice.

How do you ensure that your organization has adequate scrum master support to sustain an Enterprise Agile transformation? How do you scale your scrum masters to an organization with 20, 50, 100, or 200 teams? What selection criteria do you employ to ensure your organization has selected the most appropriate individuals to fulfill the roles of scrum master and enterprise coach? How do you deal with a working group consisting of multiple agile coaches who have different ideas on what agile is and how to implement it? What issues/challenges do you face and what structures and support do you need to put in place to address them?

The ScrumMaster Dojo provides an approach and framework that allows you to successfully scale agile knowledge and acumen across your transformation through aligned ScrumMasters and Coaches. The dojo also provides a safe place for ScrumMaster and Coach learning, growth and collaboration. This session will describe the reasons for a dojo, how to kick it of and how to use it to meet scaling needs and drive a successful transformation.

chris-waggonerChris Waggoner is a CEC (Certified Scrum Coach) and Managing Consultant at SolutionsIQ who specializes in Enterprise Agile Transformations. He has been an Agile change agent for 6 years for multiple clients within the United States. Chris blends his 30 plus years of experience in Information Technology and Consulting with his more recent Agile experience to guide organizations through the minefields of organizational change and impediment removal. Chris is pragmatic in his approach to agile adoption, understanding that each individual, development team, organization, and executive team adopt agile and change at different paces and rhythms. Knowing that nothing speeds change like success, Chris has learned and developed many facilitation techniques that help organizations see the potential productivity gains of agile adoption early in their adoption journey.

Chris has presented with very high net presenter scores “Exploit Core Scrum Practices at the Program Level” at the 2015 New Orleans Global Scrum Gathering, 2015 Keep Austin Agile, 2014 Mile High Agile; “To Affinity and Beyond” and “Agile Metrics to Fuel your Agile Vision” at the 2016 Orlando Global Scrum Gathering. Chris also presents at various agile user groups across the United States.

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