Top 10 Key Take-Aways from Agile 2016 Conference – August 4th 2016

Synerzip Agile2016-Top10 Presentation

Abstract: Fresh from participating at Agile 2016, the world’s largest conference for Agile teams, developers, managers and executives, Synerzip’s CEO Hemant Elhence and CTO Vinayak Joglekar will discuss their key take-aways and observations on the state of Agile practice.

Hemant Elhence - 6555Hemant Elhence is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Synerzip. He founded Synerzip in 2004 to address the R&D expansion challenges faced by venture backed software companies, specifically in their growth stage. He identified the need to create a dedicated tailored software development team with cutting edge software skills that could significantly enhance the capacity and capabilities of each client’s in-house team. He recognized that dovetailing the client’s team with Synerzip’s India based team could significantly reduce time to market using Agile principles, and save companies millions of dollars in development costs. Through this collaborative approach, based on Agile principles, Synerzip is able to forge long-term loyal relationships with its clients and also with its employees.

Hemant’s vision for Synerzip began to take form at i2 Technologies where he lead a portfolio of software products, while managing distributed product teams spread across multiple cities in the U.S. and India. Prior to i2, Hemant was with McKinsey & Company where he gained intimate knowledge of the challenges numerous blue-chip clients faced with operations and business strategies. Prior to joining McKinsey, Hemant was a management consultant with TRG, a boutique strategy consulting firm in Boston. TRG focused on product/market strategy work for growing technology companies. Hemant started his career as a software developer with Digital Equipment Corporation in Hudson, Massachusetts.

Hemant holds an MBA from The University of Chicago, MSEE from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and BSEE from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi.

VinayakTwitterVinayak Joglekar is the Founder and CTO of Synerzip.  Vinayak built and scaled Synerzip’s project teams by attracting and retaining top-notch talent in the fiercely competitive market in India. Synerzip’s teams are highly applauded for their work by discerning clients.

Vinayak’s entrepreneurial career started in 1983 after he quit a programmer-analyst position in Alfa-Laval- a Swedish company which is a world leader in Heat Transfer and Separation technologies. Vinayak’s passion for technology skills development drove his ventures in recruitment, training and consulting.

Over many years Vinayak developed a knack for spotting and nurturing talent. As a result he was chosen to put together and lead a team that built world class web applications for American Clients such as Cyberdrawer and First Guarantee. He co-founded ECMi to build a cross enterprise performance management product in the year 2002. At ECMI , Vinayak was responsible for the product  vision and architecture. He built the infrastructure and staffed the team that delivered to his vision.

Vinayak is a certified J2EE programmer and architect. He has kept up with developments in Social, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data technologies . Vinayak’s strong belief that the Agile process is the best way to address the issues of ambiguous requirements spelt out by uncertain customers in a volatile market led Synerzip to adopt Agile right from its inception. Vinayak was a presenter at the Agile 2008 conference at Toronto.

Vinayak communicates his vision and thoughts by regularly blogging and tweeting. Vinayak is particularly enthusiastic in training bright minds in the latest in software product delivery. Currently he is busy mentoring DevOps professionals to enable Synerzip’s future teams to be equipped to do continuous delivery for “Lean Start-ups”.

Vinayak has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and BSME from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

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