Wade Pinder: Confessions of a Product Owner – May 18th 2017

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Wade Pinder, on of our ALNH members, shares the ups and downs of his agile journey.  This journey started in 2008 as “just another consulting session” that would end up changing the way he viewed software development.  Soon after, Wade’s team went agile and was faced with the realities of sticking to agile principles when faced with the real world, day to day needs of the business.  Over the years he moved from the development team and become a product owner.  In this talk, Wade will give a quick overview of the Agile Manifesto, the Agile Principles and Scrum, while focusing on the role of the Scrum Product Owner in each of these.  Wade will also offer suggestions for getting the most out of your story writing, backlog management, story prioritization, sprint planning, daily standups and sprint reviews.


Wade has worked at Blinds.com, the top online seller of window coverings, as a Product Manager here in Houston since 2012.  Since joining Blinds.com, he has become a Professional Scrum Product Owner and PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner.  Wade is excited to share about Blinds.com’s agile culture, in particular about the recent trends he’s seeing with agile moving outside of software development and into other areas of the company like marketing, HR and business intelligence.

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