ALN Houston

promote the growth of agile practices by bringing together Houston's agile leaders to share real-world experiences and by providing a networking forum for like-minded professionals.

Monthly Chapter Meeting

3rd Thursday of every month Sysco Building 1390 Enclave Parkway - Houston, Texas - 281-584-1390

Upcoming Presentations


February : Swarming for suckers (managers)

Beyond giving permission to “go Agile” what else can managers do to help teams capitalize on the power of self-organization? Swarming is a dynamic act of being, of exhibiting collective action to solve complex problems which are beyond the capabilities of top-down problem solving.

March : The three kinds of value

Teams that utilize Agile techniques should deliver value more rapidly and frequently than teams that are using other project management processes. So… why don’t they?

There is No More Important Time to Be Agile

Business is cyclical. While there is always the uncertainty of constant change in the business world, there are cycles of  greater disruption than others. How organizations face these times of disruption is key to their long-term viability. Do agile organizations stand a better chance?

Want to present?

Do you have something interesting to share? We would like to hear from you. Learn about our mission and share your topic with the leadership team. Contact us!


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